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Join KETCH DI VYBZ for Dancehall Workshops
Dates: August 13 – 15
Time: 7:30-9:00PM

Tuesday, August 13
Dancehall a genre of Jamaican popular music originated in the late 1970’s and birthed with it unique dance style. Learn the history with Venom an enigmatic teacher who weaves stories and history into a high energy class that explores the three eras of Dancehall – old school, middle school and new school. A Jamaican street dancer, contemporary dancer and educator, Venom’s passion for this art form is contagious. Don’t miss this opportunity to dig deep and travel through the dance to experience Jamaican history through an authentic expression of Dancehall.  

Wednesday, August 14 
Learn how to enjoy a Dancehall party where women are the centre of attention with their fierce style and playful sensuality. In Dancehall woman express strength, confidence, sensuality and energy in they dance, move their hips, and often showcase their flexibility. This class is open level so bring some love for this Jamaican popular dance and bring some heat to the city centre with guest teacher Judy.  

Thursday, August 15  
Afro-Dancehall Fusion integrate traditional West African movements within various countries, Jamaican Dancehall (old, middle, new school) steps, and African pop culture dances; creating a colourful montage and showing the cultural connection between both styles from histories, stories and expressions through the diasporas.

For more information and to register, head to decidedlyjazz.com/classes/adult-schedule/workshops-events/